No One Laughs [The Joker Dies First] – Public presentation by Judha Su

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No One Laughs [The Joker Dies First]
Public presentation
by Judha Su


Monday, 14 September 2015 | 5 p.m – end
at RURU Gallery
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 6
Jakarta Selatan 12820


Humour is a source of creativity, but capacity to laugh has been mostly absent in serious thinkers, especially in academia; art is not an exception.
Why is laughter important? Let put it political. Wherever laughter is absent, the heavy drumbeat of political control is never very far behind. If we consider art as a free space for people that won’t conform itself to any kind of authority – art should therefore laugh, especially laugh at itself. It is how we speak the truth to power, since dictators and demagogues always take themselves too seriously…
The public presentation “No one laughs [the joker dies first]” is part of the research project Thinking in Critical Constellations: In search of art criticism practices in archipelagic countries [Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan] by Judha Su, a research fellow at Asia Centre Japan Foundation. The presentation will elaborate how laughter could be an essential form of self-critical vigilance, and how it should work together with the practice of criticism. Judha will also discuss about her research structure and a plausible future project.
The presentation is open of public, and the researcher will appreciate any kind of comment, critique, insight, and discussion.
This discussion will be followed by open kitchen of Thai food: Tom Yam, Tom Ka Kai, Chicken & cashew nut stirred fried, and Spicy salad.
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