Opening “ruru huis” Arnhem (NL) Starting ‘The Making Of’ SONSBEEK 2016


ruangrupa, the curators of SONSBEEK 2016 (Arnhem, the Netherlands), is happy to announce opening of the ruru huis (Dutch for “ruru house”), a branch of ruangrupa in Arnhem. The ruru huis will function as a curatorial method leading up to the main exhibition, opening on June 2016, which evolves around the notion of transactions. SONSBEEK 2016 will be the 11th edition of the large-scale outdoor contemporary art exhibition, traditionally taking place in Sonsbeek park in the city of Arnhem, reknowned for its lush greens in the East of The Netherlands.

Opening on 3-5 July 2015 with a summery weekend full of delights, ruangrupa will occupy a modest storefront in the Arnhem city centre for the duration of one year. Much like ruangrupa’s own space in Jakarta, the ruru huis aims to be a social space where people from Arnhem, artists and friends can come together, hang out, transact and interact. In the spirit of ruangrupa, these informal relations will bring forth their own kind of research, conducted through personal conversations and stories. ruru huis will also host a program of public events, discussions and publications, semi-public gatherings, film screenings, karaoke parties and small exhibitions, organised by ruangrupa.

The program of the ruru huis will be shaped after the opening. If you’re interested to know more, please keep an eye on the Sonsbeek website at, or subscribe to our emailing list via We’ll be in touch.

SONSBEEK 2016 ruangrupa curatorial team: Ade Darmawan, Ajeng Nurul Aini, Farid Rakun, Hafiz, Indra Ameng, Mirwan Andan, Reza Afisina

ruru huis collaborators: Reinaart Vanhoe, Sanne Oorthuizen



Program opening “ruru huis”


Friday 3 July


Location: ruru huis, Looierstraat 43, 6811 AV Arnhem


16.00 hrs: Official opening

Welcome by Jeroen Glissenaar (Sonsbeek park manager), Ade Darmawan (Director of ruangrupa), Tati Freeke Suwarganda, (Managing director Sonsbeek International Foundation)

16.00-20.00 hrs

Exhibition “ruangrupa’s archive”

Film and video screenings by ruangrupa

Saturday 4 July


!Please note: on Saturday 4 July, there are events happening at multiple locations, all in walking distance from the ruru huis.


Location 1: ruru huis, Looierstraat 43, 6811 AV Arnhem

11.00-18.00 hrs

Exhibition “ruangrupa’s archive”

Film and video screenings by ruangrupa

Location 2: parking lot behind ABN-AMRO bank building, Gele Rijders Plein 15 (directly behind ruru huis)


13.00-15.00 hrs: Cooking competition

People from Arnhem are invited to bring their favorite dish. Winners will be invited to be the chefs for the ruru huis, during Sonsbeek 2016.

13.00-17.00 hrs: Free Market: Hanya Memberi Tak Harap Kembali

On this market, artists and others are invited to offer their produce “without expecting anything in return” [translation of Hanya Memberi Tak harap Kembali]. ruangrupa will offer reproducible art works, prints, digital work to be shared on USB sticks and much more!

14.00-17.00 hrs: Open mic

For stand-up comedians and singer-songwriters

Location 3: SONSBEEK office, Bovenbeekstraat 21, Arhem (around the corner from ruru huis)


16.00 hrs (doors open at 15.30hrs): Official opening “the making of” SONSBEEK 2016

Short introduction by Tati Freeke-Suwarganda, managing director Sonsbeek International Foundation

Opening talk by Hedwig Saam, chair of Sonsbeek International Foundation

Location 4: ABN-AMRO bank building, Gele Rijders Plein 15, Arhnem (directly behind ruru huis)

20.00 hrs – midnight: PARTY!

Party in collaboration with ArtEZ, Arnhem

Sunday 5 July


Location: ruru huis, Looierstraat 43, 6811 AV Arnhem

12.00-17.00 hrs

Meet & greet with ruangrupa

Exhibition “ruangrupa’s archive”

Video screening by ruangrupa


Sonsbeek International

Bovenbeekstraat 21, 6811 CV Arnhem

T: 026 3031940



Fp: Sonsbeek